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PPS ‘Sidewalk System’

Safety and reassurance, right at your fingertips.

With legislation constantly changing and becoming ever tighter, the pressure is mounting on the transportation industry to ensure that steps are put in place to reduce slips and falls as workers enter and dismount their vehicles.

That in mind, safety became one of our top priorities at PPS Commercials. And after months of planning, design, development and consultations with experts in the industry, we managed to come up with a revolutionary new product that aims to keep drivers as safe as possible.

Introducing the 2nd generation

Our 1st generation ‘Sidewalk System’ was a manually deployed version of our 2nd generation – more on that next – which, at the time of its release, took the transportation industry by storm.

And then along came the 2nd generation. This new system is now hydraulically operated, immediately providing a safe working platform and giving the vehicle operator complete protection, confidence and more than enough space to load or unload no matter the load size.

It includes a new hydraulic walkway which has numerous advantages over its predecessor. The most notable advantage is how quick the sidewalk extends at a simple push of a button, meaning it is ready to be used in seconds.

The main steps and the side steps are made from heavy duty, galvanised Q-Grating, which provides a robust and non-slip platform. Additional sidewalk floor planks can be supplied which can be neatly stored in the bulkhead until you need them.

How does it work?

Detachable fall protection posts are fixed firmly to the sides and attached with a strong but simple chain and dog hook which means they can easily be removed and locked into the additional storage boxes on the bulkhead. Fall protection straps are also used as an extra safety precaution, along with additional safety chains which can be found at each side of the sidewalk.

A high visibility non slip coating is applied to the outer edge of the vehicle, and recessed floor lights are built-in so visibility is as clear as possible in dull or dark conditions. A flashing LED strobe light at the front of the sidewalk makes it easy to see, as does one to the rear, making it perfect for the winter nights and mornings when light is hard to come by.

And finally, a warning buzzer and light is fitted into the cab so the driver is aware when the sidewalk is extracted and in use – meaning there’s no driving off with the sidewalk still protruding.

Sidewalk 1
Sidewalk 2

Check out the video below for a quick demonstration of our new ‘Sidewalk system’.

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