Dropside bodies

Dropside commercial vehicles and vans

Whether your work is in distribution, hire or construction, a dropside commercial vehicle is a worthy addition to any fleet. And as PPS Commercials is recognised as one of the UK’s market leaders for this type, one of our exceptional quality vehicles will do the trick.

What is a Dropside?

A dropside body is made up of fold-down sides that line the edge of the platform or flat trailer on the back. This gives easy access to forklifts during the loading process whilst simultaneously providing additional load security. Because of their versatility, dropside vans have numerous uses, including traffic management, carrying bricks and blocks, carrying metal tubes, or being used by scaffolding companies and builders merchants.

Built for you

Here at PPS Commercials, we manufacture the vast majority of our dropside vehicles with aluminium, an incredibly lightweight material. This has its benefits for construction and for your journeys, but it also allows for an increased payload capacity.

We can also incorporate our PPS ‘Safe Load Bulkhead’ if necessary, which offers safe and secure ‘over the cab’ loading. A worthwhile addition for any regular driver!

All our dropside vehicles are manufactured to your exact specifications. Your measurements, weight requirements, and even your chosen extras on top – see below for more information.


Dropside vehicle additional features

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Galvanised steel or aluminium subframe
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Galvanised or anodised sideguards
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Aluminium or steel sides (tailgate)
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Lashing rings
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Wisadeck or hardwood flooring
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PPS ‘Safe Load’ bulkhead
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Tail lift
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Rear towbar and auto electrics
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Paint and livery

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The above are just some of the features available for your new dropside commercial vehicle. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements!

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