XL rated vehicles

XL rated vehicles

Vehicles that have been tested to XL rated are able to withstand a certain tonnage. As they tend to carry the biggest loads, curtainsiders are the main vehicle that we test to be XL rated.

The XL rated process is very simple. The vehicle is built and then tested with weight until it can’t withstand any more. We can test vehicles of up to 15 tonnes, and the test can be conducted on any make of vehicle, but it has to be built to certain specifications.

Once a vehicle is XL rated, strapping isn’t required in the future because that vehicle has been tested up to a certain tonnage and can withstand a huge payload in the event of tipping.

XL rated is becoming more and more popular in the industry. Once the test has been completed, a certificate is issued to say that this vehicle has been built and tested to those specific standards.

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