Beavertail trucks and Bodies

Over the many years we have been working with commercial vehicle bodies, beavertail trucks have become a specialty of ours, and one where we are proud to lead with innovation and expertise. Here at PPS Commercials, we manufacturer, on average, around 80 beavertail trucks and bodies per year, their size ranging massively from 3,500kg all the way up to 32,000kg, and each one is built to withstand the industry’s toughest demands.

What is a beavertail truck?

The design of a beavertail truck body has a platform that slopes backwards towards the ground behind the truck’s rear axle with ramps. This allows for easy access to a rigid trailer or platform body, meaning that other vehicles can be driven onto the truck from the rear, making them the perfect choice for car recovery trucks.

Built bespoke to you

Our extensive knowledge in this particular area has enabled us to develop and produce a strong and robust product that is built to last for years to come. Our ‘Fall Arrest System’ and ‘Sidewalk System’ are just two examples of the bespoke products that we can provide, giving you a much safer and efficient way to load your vehicles.

We can also build a beavertail truck with a cheese wedge ramp which gives you maximum loading capacity, while at the same time streamlining the body itself. This can save you up to 35% on your annual fuel bills and result in a reduction in your company’s carbon footprint!

Beavertail truck additional features

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Galvanised steel subframe
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Hydraulic ramps (single, double or cheesewedge)
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Hydraulic or electric winch
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Hardwood keruing floor
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Heavy duty lashing rings
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Auto electrics
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PPS ‘Fall Arrest System’
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Paint and livery

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There are many more options and unique features available. Contact our team today to discuss your individual beavertail truck requirements!

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